Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Testing Of eCommerce Websites Is Essential

Testing of eCommerce websites is essential to keep the interest of users otherwise any inefficiency or vulnerability will affect its overall performance standards. QA tester have the right knowledge and experience to find out the quality of any website by employing advanced and resourceful testing tools. If any website have a bug or inefficiency than; it will have to face an overall decline in its expected performance. Any eCommerce website have plenty of pages that requires to be tested on consistent basis. QA tester has to analyze first end pages as; “front-end” pages most likely interconnect with “back-end” web facilities, such as Product Search facility, Content facility, Booking Engine, Payment facility, Accounts facility, etc. Therefore, it is vital to test an e commerce website on the basis of its individual units as well as its integration capabilities.

Things to be Kept In mind When Test an eCommerce Website:

¶ Homepage testing 

¶ Search Result Page Testing

¶ Login Form Page Testing

¶ Contact us Page Testing

¶ Product Detail Page Testing

¶ Order confirmation Page Testing

¶ Accounts Page testing 

¶ Testing protocols for shopping cart

Homepage of a particular eCommerce website clearly describe the specifications and types of products and services business is selling. QA tester team simply evaluate the performance of homepage either it delivers the expected results or not. By browsing a particular eCommerce website on diverse nature mediums and platforms, testing analysts evaluate either a particular website open’s as it has to be. Contact us page is the most important and essential one, when it comes to sales of products and services. QA tester can help developers of an eCommerce website to find out the bugs from their contact us page section by employing efficient testing protocols.

No doubt that evaluating an e-commerce websites is hard and requires a lot of skill. QA testers have to prepare testing artifacts with accuracy and preciseness to test an eCommerce website. Shopping cart is the most essential and vital page of an eCommerce website. QA tester evaluate shopping cart in multiple ways. These are

¶ Adding the same item in cart, multiple number of times 

¶ Making an addition of multiple items of different types

¶ Reduce the amount of some items from the cart

¶ Remove all items from the cart

¶ Reopening the cart page on diverse nature platform and devices 

Ending Note: eCommerce websites are now becoming essential for every business out there, to make it possible that every user have the access to their products any time when they want. To maintain the quality of their website they must have to hire a team of QA tester which rectify bugs and vulnerabilities before these start to impact on website performance.

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